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Employer Services

As an employer of Preferred Staffing Group, Preferred Staffing can manage everything from employee acquisition to payroll, taxes, etc.

Payroll Services

Preferred Staffing's payroll accommodation program allows you to select the candidate and determine the salary that meets your specific requirements. Preferred Staffing will payroll these candidates at a percentage mark-up over their pay rate. The mark-up percentage includes all applicable taxes, workers' compensation and all government reporting such as W2 forms, etc.

Our payroll accommodation can reduce staffing expenditures and related personnel costs of:

  • Fringe benefits
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Workers' Compensation

Simply refer your candidates to our local office for employment processing and they will be paid weekly or bi-weekly through Preferred Staffing. We can also arrange to pick up time cards and deliver payroll checks to your company on an as-needed basis. You will be invoiced weekly or bi-weekly and provided with a monthly management report that will track your payroll expenditures.

Direct Deposit

You’ll be able to receive your paychecks via direct deposit into a personal checking or savings account.

Preferred Staffing requires that you submit a voided check or other document in order to set up direct deposit. This allows them to make sure that all information is entered correctly, and it can be a security measure. Because direct deposit is all electronic, the goal is to make sure that money only moves to the correct account.

Direct deposit can really make your life easier and reduce paperwork. With just a few forms, you can eliminate a lot of mailing. Just ask for direct deposit forms and get your accounts hooked up.

Convenience of Electronic Check Card

If you do not have a bank account or live far away from our office, we offer the convenient option of an ATM/Debit Card.

Employees can signup for direct deposite right here on our website in their account settings. You as an employer won't have to lift a finger!

Safety and Training

Industrial performance assessments

These hands-on evaluations accurately gauge your technical and mechanical skills.

Computer testing/training

All office applicants are tested for proficiency in various software packages, 10-key, spelling, math and more. Computer software training is also provided through computer-based tutorials, beginning to advanced levels of learning.

Behavioral assessments

These assessments help define your tendency to succeed in a particular job position. You can also define the types of work environments and activities in which you might find the most satisfaction and work productivity.

Orientation to client companies

Our orientations prepare you for a new job by providing general information on the client’s policies and procedures. This includes attendance, conduct, dress code and more.

Communication training

This type of job training addresses both verbal and written communication. The training is administered to workers in customer service positions or any job that requires contact with the public.

Human relations training

Issues such as stress management and harassment in the workplace are addressed in human relations training. It also reinforces the importance of good communication skills, quality and good customer relations.

Safety education

You are given a tour of the worksite and introduced to the tools and equipment used to complete the job assignment. Guidelines for job safety and instructions on the proper use of safety equipment are also provided.

Each of these distinct training programs focuses on crucial job-related topics. You gain actual hands-on experience, as well as lecture, video, classroom or self-study-based learning to fully prepare you for your new career.

We also provide in-house OSHA and MSHA Training for all clients that require this.

Onsite Services

Right People For The Job. And The Right Staff To Oversee Them.

Need a large-scale flexible workforce, but don't have supervisory and administrative support? Equip your company with onsite services from Express. Express can oversee the administration of your entire flexible workforce with partial or full onsite programs customized to your needs.

Focus on your core business functions while Express manages these operational services:

  • Processing and interviewing applicants onsite
  • Conducting orientations and training
  • Coordinating schedules
  • Administering time and attendance procedures
  • Preparing ID/security badges
  • Developing/maintaining current job descriptions
  • Conducting performance reviews and exit interviews
  • Handling terminations
  • Coordinating job orders between you, Express, and other staffing companies if needed
  • Auditing and reconciling billing discrepancies when appropriate
  • Facilitating regular business reviews and providing reports